Case example – employment

Javid, who has mental health issues and was let go from his job in January. We have been trying to help him with his employment case for several weeks. Given coronavirus had shut down a lot of places he previously visited for help, he did not have enough money on his phone to call anyone […]

Coronavirus – Know Your Rights – Claiming Benefits

If you’ve been affected by COVID-19, you may be able to claim benefits or increase your current benefits. This might be because you: can’t work as you have COVID-19 or you’re following guidance to stay home – this is called ‘self-isolating’ are earning less because you can’t go to work are self-employed and you’re earning […]

Coronavirus – Know Your Rights Bailiffs , by Alan Murdie

At the present time bailiff enforcement should stop to prevent spread of the virus. There has been an announcement that evictions of domestic dwellings are suspended, but this advice should apply to all other forms of civil enforcement. Creditors should also review enforcement and suspend their instructions to bailiffs and tell them to stop collection […]

Coronaviris – Know Your Employment Rights

Key Workers and Contracts The government have awarded ‘key worker’ status to a number of professions who are playing a significant role in the fight against coronavirus. This includes for example, those in health and social care; education and childcare; government; transport; the food industry; the justice system and security bodies, such as the police. If you are […]

Coronavirus Crisis- Know Your Employment Rights.

Self-Isolation and Sick Pay Social media is full of photographs of newly sprung home offices with #WorkingFromHome hashtags and for some, cats have quickly replaced colleagues. If you can work from home then you should receive full pay to do so. However, some of you will be facing a different reality. One thing is absolute, you must […]

Housing issues -Coping with Corona Virus issues.

This is worrying times for Landlords and tenants. Due to government measures at the moment there is a 3 month break on evictions and Landlords are being asked to be more understanding with tenants and make agreements. What does the rent break mean? The rent break does not mean you will not have to pay […]