Ealing Council Staff have confirmed that will continue to help people who are at risk of homelessness, as the law requires.  Click here to go to their site.

However, in the interests of customer and staff safety, the service will now be by telephone.

People who already have a homelessness application should e-mail or call their case officer on their normal number, for queries about their application.

There are also two generic numbers if case officers are already dealing with a call.  These are 020 8825 8881 and 020 8825 8888

They that you please contact us for urgent matters only, at this busy time.

If you are in temporary accommodation provided by the Council and there is a problem, use the usual contact number 020 8825 8866.  This includes queries about Council hostels.

If you have a query about your Housing Register application, use 020 8825 7274 (there will be further updates about social housing lettings, as the situation develops)

If you are at threatened with homelessness but do not have an existing homelessness application, you need to use a new number 020 8825 6444.  This phone line will take you through to a team of officers.  If the line is busy, it means all five officers are dealing with a customer, so you will need to call again.  Being threatened with homelessness means that you are going to lose your home within the next 8 weeks.