Housing issues -Coping with Corona Virus issues.

This is worrying times for Landlords and tenants. Due to government measures at the moment there is a 3 month break on evictions and Landlords are being asked to be more understanding with tenants and make agreements.

What does the rent break mean?

The rent break does not mean you will not have to pay the rent back. If you cannot pay your rent, there could be a 3 month break, however this will need to be paid back. You will also need to prove that your income has been affected by Coronavirus.

What should I do if I am worried about my rent?

The first step is to discuss with your Landlord and see if an agreement can be reached. This could be a reduced rent for a few months whilst you get back on your feet, or they could allow you a rent break on the condition you were to pay it back.

What should I do if my Landlord has told me to leave?

The government have stated that no evictions are to take place. Discuss this with your Landlord and explain the current situation. If you need support with this, contact our housing team who can help or contact your local council who can explain the situation.

Can my Landlord be carrying out viewings whilst I’m in it?

Government guidance is clear that people should not be entering into properties. Therefore no new tenants should be viewing properties. As well as this, where possible people should not be moving unless it is a desperate situation i.e. where they are living is not liveable.

Are repairs still going ahead?

Only urgent repairs are going ahead, each Housing Association and management company will have their own process and timeline for this. If you have suspected corona symptoms you need to let the repair company know in advance and they are unlikely to attend if that is the case. Workmen should be wearing protective equipment and if you are concerned that they are not, you can refuse to allow them access. Similarly, if you have a vulnerable person in your household you can discuss with the managing agent on whether the repair is necessary.