How to tackle Fuel Poverty.

We see more people than ever being in a situation where they are unable to pay their fuel bills as in the case below show. Fuel now takes up quite a high proportion of household expences – its nearly 12 % of all households.  For private tenants is a lot higher : 19% of households.

Amy is  a single parent with mental health issue, who was  on ESA HB CHB CTC and CTS  she had huge  fuel bills  and was being asked to make huge repayment or have a  prepayment meter, or money deducted from her  benefits

She was willing to make affordable repayments, but not the huge amount that was being asked for by the Fuel provider. Amy did not want any of the strategies offered, as she wanted to be able to make payment for her current usage plus something off the arrears, which would help her with budgeting.

We helped her to negotiate affordable repayment. Once the repayments were in place her adviser applied for a charitable grant which was successful and a debt of £1942.00 was written off.

Most of the big 5 fuel providers have charitable grant available to help people in need, but they will try to get the arrears paid off within the year, but you should only offer payments that are affordable for you Shopping for a better energy deal and switching tariff or energy supplier can make a big difference to your bills – around £300 a year.  You can save money and get the best deals.(see “Ofgem explain your energy bill”)

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