In debt and need to start again? A Debt Relief Order might be the answer to end the sleepless nights.

: and they have just got better! Debt relief orders are one way to deal with your debts if you owe less than £20,000, do not have much spare income and do not own your home. If you get one: your creditors cannot recover their money without the court’s permission. Nucleus advisors are accredited to help you […]

Body-worn cameras to curb aggressive bailiffs

A welcome announcement has come from the Ministry of Justice. People in debt will be given greater protection from rogue bailiffs as the government on 22nd July 2019 announced the introduction of compulsory body-worn cameras. This will be helpful in all cases of complaint and  wrongful enforcement. See: Missing footage  Obviously, it will not […]

The importance of treating housing costs as priority debts. Effective debt advice prevents homelessness.

By Alan Murdie It is over 10 years since Nucleus took the decision to specialise in debt advice, ahead of financial crisis of 2008 (then known as the ‘credit crunch’). Traditionally, housing was one of the key areas of the work for Nucleus, and over this last decade we have seen it evolve into an […]

Justice week

Nucleus was pleased to  support the first ever Bar Justice week at the beginning of November. Highlights of the week were 25 events inside and outside of Parliament, the issue of eight specialist reports (‘The Justice Papers’) a petition to extend legal aid and the release of a short film. All made the case for […]