Watch out for the courier scam

We have been wanted about a “new” scam  by the local police. People  are  being phoned up at home by someone pretending to be from their bank or credit card provider claiming they have seen fraudulent transactions on their card and advising them to move their savings to a new, secure account.

To give the scam credibility, victims are invited to call the bank using the number on the back of their bank card. The fraudsters use the fact that around half of BT lines can be kept open after a call. When they ring back, victims think they are talking to their bank and follow their instructions.

The “courier scam” is another nasty fraud to have taken off this year. The scammers often pose as police officers asking for help trying to catch a corrupt bank teller, and ask victims to take out large sums in cash to be collected by a courier.

The banks have, in recent months, started putting warnings on their website about the vishing scam, but for many victims, these came too late.

If you get such a call, don’t panic. Wait several minutes to make sure your phone line has not been kept open, or use another phone to call the bank.

Banks or police will never ask you to move your money to a new account. This is a highly sophisticated scam that has taken in too many intelligent people – don’t become one of them.